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This is my site dedicated to the Vampire Chronicles. Please enter with a open mind,
a sense of humor & your hands where I see them.

11/19/11 Two new scans kindly donated by Ophélie! One of Louis & Lestat. Thanks Ophélie!
10/8/11 Received some more picture scans from the wonderful Ophélie! These I have mostly included in a new section of Interview with the Vampire behind the scene pictures, but there is also 2 in the misc/group IWTV section. Many thanks, Ophélie!
8/12/11 Received a very nice collection of magazine article scans from Ophélie, which she has allowed me to put up on my site. These include Fangoria Horror Spectacular #10, Shivers #14, Shivers #15 & several small newspaper & Entertainment Weekly articles that can be found in the magazine section of this site. Thanks a lot, Ophélie!
5/30/11 Hey, guess who's not dead? Yep, it's me again. And I braved my way through some cobwebs on the site to update the reference page (with a MST3K reference/screencaps & added the video link to The Critic's A Few Good Monsters parody) & added a few pictures to the doll/figures page.
6/22/10 It's cleaning day here at the Shrine, which meant the removable of a bunch of links. For starters, my youtube channel for storing video files was suspended recently & I went through my 'Online Recommendations' for videos & had to delete or update some of the choices since most now sadly lead to removed ones. There was more work to be done on my links page. A lot of the links now point to the Internet Archieve's page for the dead site.
On the lighter side of things, I've updated the doll page
& I'm happy to report that I will soon have Louis to go along with my (Ken sized) Lestat doll! :D More pictures may follow.
4/5/10 Updated official merchandise & doll page.
12/8/09: Added a small little Christmas page, featuring Lestat, Louis & Claudia. Plus the very nice 'Night' has given me a good quote for my 'What people are saying about this site' spot I have on this index page. Much THANKS!
9/27/09: With the help of those whom emailed me pictures, I've updated the fan art & official merchandise sections!
6/11/09: Updated videos, official merchandise & doll page.
4/1/09: Finally managed to update the video page, replacing the removed video links with links for downloads.
12/28/08: Long time, no see..But just to let you know I'm still here:
Updates on the video page & my my collection page.
8/10/08: Updates in dolls/figures, references, my vampire collection page & new video: Lestat Zoolander.
7/4/08: New parodies: fake trivia facts about the Interview With the Vampire movie and a YTMND page: Lestat addresses Congress
6/29/08: BIG update for the Reg IWTV movie pictures. Some new & some I've replaced with larger/better quality pics that I found or scanned. There's also a new Misc. Picture section, which at the moment are just a few odd finds that I wanted to share or put somewhere. Also new articles from Empire, Film Review, UK Premiere & Bloodstone magazine.
6/22/08: More Lestat musical clips added to sounds & more Blood Canticle bits from Saint Lestat added to quotes. Do you dare relive the horror of Lestat calling people baby & dude?
6/19/08: Updates on the official merchandise & reference pages. Plus 200 screen captures of the 4/1/06 showing of the Lestat musical.
6/16/08: 37 new icons, alot from the musical, a few from the comics & the IWTV movie.
6/6/08: A couple of new pictures in the Reg. IWTV pics section. Actually there are just three, here's the links so you don't have to hunt: a Lestat, a Louis & a Louis & Lestat one. 2 of these I stole found at Tom Cruise's new site. (Visit & show the dude some love - he's trying to get TOTBT on the big screen!) Also I'm gonna start to include book quotes in my VC reference section, so there's a few there now.
5/28/08: Updates in the regular IWTV pics; new sections: misc parodies & scripts/transcripts.
5/23/08: 3 new magazine articles from: Interview, Premiere & TCI.
5/16/08: Hey there, a few slight updates in the: magazine covers, IWTV pictures, links & references pages. Also with my new income & stimulus check, I've purchased some goodies from ebay that I hope to share with you very soon.
5/9/08: New parody: the MST3king the text of a transcript of Queen of the Damned.
5/3/08: Hey there, I've added a few new additions to the regular Interview with the Vampire pictures but mostly I just wanted to say that I've (once again) found a job, a full time one no less! Hence, I'm not sure how many updates there will be in the future. Then again, I may end up staying indoors on the damn computer all summer. It's hard to say. Just letting anyone who regularly visits this site know that I'm not abandoning it anytime soon.
4/27/08: 2 more MST3K-ing IWTV added to the video section. Here's the youtube links: A Night Out & Claudia makes 3.

Here's what people are saying about this site:

"This girl is amazing. Her site lets me find something new to love about Lestat pretty much every time I visit. Oh, and Louis, and everyone else, of course. Lestat is my main obsession, though. So, yeah. I drew the picture that says "by Night" above it. I swear, I spent so long staring at my iPod screen (I had the movie on my iPod, and I still do) to figure out how to draw their outfits... Back to the site. It's appealing to the eye, organized, and full of wonderful material. Keep it up, Sara! :3"
- Night

"I seriously LOVE this girl. She makes me crack up and giggle like an idiot. She makes me as happy as mortal Louis in a bar with free bourbon shots."
- pointedulac

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